Handmade design

When extraordinary imagination meets first-class craftsmanship, we create a new generation of automotive history. Launched with the claim of uniqueness, the SCHAWE G-Class heralds a new age of vehicle personalization. We are limited only by our intellect. We make everything else possible exclusively for you.

Distinctively personal

Fine-tuned elegance inside, caressed by the highest quality carbon and leather products, accentuated by the unmistakable SCHAWE design. The SCHAWE G63 combines unrestrained power in its 700 hp heart with the unique equipment line, which is developed and manufactured in our manufactory especially for you.

Because details make the difference

Reinventing design - it can be done. It really can. For the SCHAWE G63, we have developed solutions that turn a beautiful luxury vehicle into a rolling one-off. Our exclusive vehicle line surprises with fascinating detail without denying its original origins. You won't find this in any other vehicle. Worldwide. Only at SCHAWE.